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Austin and ally trish and trent dating

The series was created by Kevin Kopelow and Heath Seifert, the writers and producers of the Nickelodeon comedy series All That and the Disney Channel sitcoms Sonny with a Chance and Jonas.Production for the pilot episode began in mid-February 2011, and on May 24, 2011, Disney Channel announced that Austin & Ally had been picked up as a series.Set in Miami, Austin & Ally is about the relationship between two very different musicians: extroverted and fun-loving singer and instrumentalist Austin Moon, and introverted and awkward songwriter Ally Dawson, who is also a singer, but has a bad case of stage fright.In the pilot, "Rockers & Writers", Austin overhears Ally singing a song she's written.In the UK and Ireland the series aired a preview on March 30, 2012, and premiered on April 20, 2012.The series premiered on Disney Channel in Canada on September 1, 2015, with Raini Rodriguez and Calum Worthy introducing the series with special contests and events.Austin & Ally is an American comedy television series created by Kevin Kopelow and Heath Seifert that aired on Disney Channel, premiering on December 2, 2011, and ending on January 10, 2016.

He becomes famous from it after his best friend, Dez, directs Austin in a music video for the song and posts it on the Internet, making Austin an overnight sensation.The special aired on December 7, 2012, in which Austin finally gets to perform in Times Square on New Year's Eve like he has always dreamed of, with help from Jessie and the Ross children.Later, Jessie and the children travel to Miami with the group.Chapter One When Austin strode in to Sonic Boom he was not surprised by the sight before him.Ally was perched on the end of the piano bench, scribbling manically into her precious book, pausing ever now and again to try out a new tune on the piano.

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Once Ally takes credit for her song, she and Austin work together on a second song.