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A delicious, subtle beer, brewed from barley , wheat and oats (as was commonplace in the Low Countries in the Middle Ages). Biscuit, hop, dates and alcohol aroma; sweet/bitterish taste; with honey, toffee, alcohol and raisin aromas; bitter/sweet finish with honey, liquorice and toffee aromas. A traditional Lambiek and Kriekenlambiek still survive on an unofficial basis, though the only place I've ever seen them is at the Opstal "Weekend der Spontane Gisting" festival. Smoke, perfume and tobacco aroma; bitterish taste with biscuit and wood aromas; bitter finish with tobacco, wood and herbal aromas.

One of my favourite Belgian beers and one of the best new beers of the last 20 years. A beer that has improved markedly (or my tastebuds have) since my last tasting. No doubt some pubs in the Payottenland still serve them, too. A pleasant and drinkable beer, that still retains its hop character (unlike most of its rivals). Tobacco, wood and smoke aroma; sweet/bitter taste with hop, vanilla, honey and cherry aromas; very bitter finish with biscuit, hop, herbal and fruit aromas.

Has a nasty hop-extract smell, but pleasantly bittersweet on the tongue. The pride of Antwerp and the last brewer to mass-produce a good pale ale in Belgium.

It was for many years a one-product brewery, but has diversified a little in the last 10 years. It began in 1920 when Alfred Dupont bought his son Louis the Rimaux-Deridder brewery (founded in 1759) to dissuade him from emigrating to Canada. Ingredients include unmalted wheat, coriander and curacao peel. Very pale, hazy yellow colour with a small head; Orange, basil and coriander aroma; neutral taste with butter, orange and coriander aromas: neutral finish with wheat, coriander and lemon aromas. Full yellow colour with a rocky head; coriander, hop and orange aromas; sweet/bitter taste with sugar, pepper and resin aromas; bitter finish with pepper and resin aromas. Hoegaarden was founded by Pierre Celis to revive the local wheat beer style, which had become extinct through brewery closures in the 1960's.

Besides Belgian restaurants, our small country offers lots more on a culinary level.

Local products and preparations are very diverse and offer endless possibilities in the kitchen.

Sadly, soon after making the investment in exrtra capacity, the market for sour beers began to slide and the company got into financial difficulty. Dark brown colour with a dense head; pepper, plum, spice and caramel aromas; sweetish/bitter taste with liquorice, dates, alcohol, cherry, pepper and caramel aromas; bitter finish with liquorice, roast, toffee, chocolate and chicory aromas. Another Belgian beer that is much easier to find in Holland than its home country. The brewery is still owned by Louis Duponts descendents. (Tasted ) Witbier Very pale yellow colour, cloudy with a fine-beaded white head; orange, citrus, wheat and coriander aroma; neutral taste with orange, coriander cloves and wheat aromas; spciy finish with orange, coriander and pepper aromas. The original witbier and still good, even if it has lost all its sourness. A reasonable beer, only spoilt by an underlying sugary sweetness that doesn't really meld with the hops. Celis had helped out in local breweries on an irregular basis.It's rarely makes an appearance on draught in Belgium outside Antwerp. Considering its fame, the brewery is still very small, producing not much more than 10,000 hl a year. Saison Dupont is their flagship product and is generally reckoned to be the best beer in this elusive style. Pale yellow colour, dense head; tobacco, basil, cloves and lemon aromas; sweetish/bitter taste with grass, resin, chicory and fruit aromas; very bitter finish with grass, resin, chicory and wood aromas. A little thin in the finish but it does have a tempting spicy aroma. One difference in his beer was that it wasn't spontaneously fermented as the original had been.Barley wine brewed from malted barley, hops, thyme, curaao and dark candy sugar. An excellent strong beer that is well worth looking for. Tobacco, herbal and hop aroma; sweetish/bitterish taste with honey, tobacco, butter and dust aromas; bitter finish with tobacco, grass, butter and chicory aromas. Yellow colour, reasonably thick, fine head: tea and grass aroma; sweetish/bitterish taste with caramel, pepper and metal aromas; bitter finish with pepper, grass and hop aromas. Surprisingly sweet, given the gravity/alcohol ratio. Tastes like a good candidate for ageing to me.(Tasted ) Tripel. Full yellow colour with a tight, lasting head; coriander, cloves and basil aroma; sweet/bitterish taste with ginger, caramel and cumin aromas; sweetish/bitter finish with caramel, pepper and resin aromas. The beers have improved immeasurably since the brewery escaped from Riva's ownership. As well as their outstanding beers they also serve excellent food. Tobacco, elderflower and cardboard aroma; sweet taste with caramel, fruit and chicory aromas; bitter finish with hops and fruit. I can't say that I like any of the beers brewed there very much.Will improve for at least a few years in the bottle. Quite a contrast to normal Chouffe - hoppy rather than spicy. A microbrewery, now in business for over 20 years, that thoroughly deserves its success. Considerably less sweet than most beers in this style. A beer that is very different in all its phases - a very spicy aroma, intensely sweet in the mouth, hoppy in the finish. Has a confusing mixture of hop and burnt caramel flavours. Pale brown colour, uneven head; dust and cream aroma; sweet taste with dust, sugar and caramel aromas; bitterish finish with toffee, caramel and herbal aromas. I particularly dislike Leffe Blonde, a beer that is spreading like a cancer through Europe.

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La Chouffe is an original and distinctive beer, that has gained great popularity. It tastes more like a caramel-coloured münchner that a dubbel. Leffe Tripel - an excellent beer brewed in Hoegaarden - should not be confused with the rest of the Leffe range.

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