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I will readily admit that I don’t always make it fun, but the days that I do are definitely far less painful then the days I don’t.Sometimes we will race to see if I can clean up the rest of the house before they can get their room clean.Yes, at times I am a strict, no-nonsense mom with extremely high expectations of my kids. The girls get plenty of time to play and just be kids and we genuinely enjoy each other’s company, not of them.I expect them to use their manners, to work hard, to be helpful and kind and considerate, and to keep their room clean. So while this battle may not be worth the effort–or even feasible–for everyone, I can say without hesitation that it was most definitely worth it for us, not simply for the clean room, but for the character it is instilling in them…in me.I am frankly terrified to press the “publish” button.Even as I read over the first draft to Husband this morning he told me I sounded like a psycho drill sergeant running a sterile mental ward. Even so, I know that in today’s indulge-the-child society, I am an anomaly.Often we will turn on music so they can dance while they clean or set the timer and try to beat it.

I lost track of how many times Husband–our own personal UN Peacekeeper–questioned whether it was really worth all the heartache, all the frustration, all the hassle. But now, finally, after nearly a year of working at it every single day, I can actually say “go clean your room” and have it look like this a short time later: The blood, sweat, & tears might not be visible in that picture, but I can tell you that they are most certainly there. There are, however, a few battle strategies I have picked up along the way: I couldn’t very well expect my kids to keep a tidy room if I wasn’t willing, able, and downright determined to keep a tidy house myself.By evening we’ve usually messed it up again with projects and crafts and books and cooking and everything else that goes on in our day, but there is usually at least a few moments every morning where things are tidy. Hopefully someday they will do it without even thinking. But forcing it to be a habit now will hopefully stay with them for the rest of their lives. I truly don’t relish the daily battle of getting them to clean their room.Even more importantly, WE start our day by cleaning. Even now, after so many months of working on it, we still struggle with follow through. My kids are learning–because I reinforce the message every day–that their number one job as kids is to obey. When I took away their toys last summer I realized how much happier they were with less, as well as how much easier it was for them to keep things tidy.Clothes & shoes that are out of season or no longer fit get put in storage or brought to Goodwill. Papers & junky party favors or prizes are usually tossed immediately (when the kids aren’t looking!) We also try to abide by a “one thing at a time” rule, where we don’t take out a new activity before cleaning up the last one.

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They still struggle with making the bed, so every day I still show them how to pull the sheets tight and tuck them in, then fluff the pillows and put them in place.